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HOLIDAY NOTICE FOR 2022 International Workers' Day

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1. Holiday arrangements

 We Connect Group arrange the holidays for International Workers' Day as below:

According to the 2022 Labor Day holiday arrangement, there will be 5 days off from April 30 to May 4.


April 24 (Sunday) and May 7 (Saturday) for work.

2. Introduction to Labor Day


International Labor Day, also known as "May 1st International Labor Day" and "International Workers' Day" (International Workers' Day or May Day), is a national holiday in more than 80 countries around the world. Set on May 1st of each year. It is a festival shared by working people all over the world.


In July 1889, the Second International, led by Engels, held a congress in Paris. The meeting passed a resolution stipulating that the international laborers would hold a parade on May 1, 1890, and decided to designate May 1 as International Labor Day. The Government Affairs Council of the Central People's Government made a decision in December 1949 to determine May 1 as Labor Day. After 1989, the State Council has commended national model workers and advanced workers basically every five years, with about 3,000 commendations each time. 0086-13429251057 0086-574-87474989