Meat processing

Meat processing

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hamburger patty & chicken nuggets breading machine SXJ200-Ⅱ

This hamburger patty & chicken nuggets breading machine SXJ200-Ⅱ can evenly coat the meat like chicken, beef pork, meat and seafood by outpouring the crumb from the hopper when the products is carried by the belt pass under it.  For the bottom coating, there is a layer of crumb on the lower belt. Also there is a roller pressing system to press tightly the crumb onto the surface of the food and the thickness of crumb can be regulated by this unit too.

hamburger patty & chicken nuggets breading machine SXJ200-Ⅱ
ModelSXX200-II Breading machine
Input height720mm
Output height780±50mm
Belt width200mm
Production capacityfollowing with PATTY100-IV automatic hamburger forming machine
Overal dimention1730×650×1400mm


It connects with thin or tempura battering machine and fryer to finish the production of meat patty, vegetable pie and chicken nuggets.

 Jinan Hiwell burger patty & chicken nuggets Breading/crumbing coating machine


Applied material:


Meat : Poultry, beef, mutton, pork etc.

Seafood: fish, shrimp

Vegetable: Pumpkin and potato, cheese and their mixer.

The end products include the very popular hamburger, chicken nuggets, chicken or beef steak, pumpkin patty etc. It regularly becomes the most ideal choice for the small or middle scale factory, home factory and dispatching center. 

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