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carcass washer

Carcass washer controls the water capacity of external spray by independent valve method, and lets up and down stroke of theinternal spray nozzle, be controlled.
As the washing prode at the end part of internal unit opens the space of the neck part, the washing water flushes well without damaging the carcass.
As the washing water is sprayed out only when the spray nozzle goes up and down inside the carcass,water usage is minimized.The washing nozzles are installed at both inside and outside of the carcass, making it possible to wash both inside and outside at the same time.
The Washing capacity and pressure control are made easy, as well as the bypass, and adjustment,replacement and maintenance of components are convenient. Especially durable materials, such as stainless steel et al, were selected for all the materials.
Carcass washer including two types, one is for semi-automatic line ,just for simple washing, and another one is for automatic evisceration line working.

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