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spindle water chiller

Screw chiller

1. Function
Screw Chilling is the equipment in Poultry Processing Line for poultry carcass or byproducts cooling down the temperature. During
operation, the chiller need to add 0-4 degrees cold water or ice, after 45-60 minutes of pre-cooling time, so that the center
temperature of products falls down from 38 degrees to below 8 degrees, effectively inhibit deterioration and carcass bacteria. The
device has the following special features and benefits:
2. Small Installation area
3. Energy dissipation area is small, saving energy.
4. Pre-cooling is good effect, the birds body are move forward with the working of spiral blade, at meanwhile, at the bottom of
the cell body through the fan continuously bubbled up, so that the body continues to roll poultry, which will intrathoracic bloody
discharge. But also to a large extent due to ease of avian body trauma caused by subcutaneous congestion.
3. All stainless steel, beautiful, no health dead clean corners for easy cleaning.
5.Rotational speed of the spindle motor can be adjusted through the inverter, the effective control of avian body pre-cooling
2. Structure and Working Principle
Spiral cooling machine sub-single and dual drive in two drives, the overall cleaning section is divided into sections and
pre-cooling. By the half-cylindrical body, the spiral blade, the spindle, from poultry bucket, the driving part of the device and
other components.Always follow the principles of the work process poultry body and reverse the flow of water, which, after intake,
overflow port in front, the greatest degree of avian body clean.

The main component of the cooling machine: the cell body pre-cooling machine screw rotating blades, drive shaft, from the birds
fighting, the spindle drive gear, from birds bucket drive gear, fans, etc.

spindle water chiller

4.Installation and commissioning of the equipment and maintenance

1, in accordance with the requirements of the process in place, adjust the body's level of horizontal error of 0.5mm / M
2, due to shipping and handling reasons, before the formal operation should be no-load operation, check the direction of rotation
of the spiral blade also check leaves from the cell body and the presence of avian bucket touch scratch phenomenon, and adjust.
3, turn on the water to the pool, to the set level (generally associated with the spindle centerline relative level is
appropriate); check the water level at both ends of the height of the pre-cooling are the same; the cell body check for leakage.
4 reducer injection before use 40 # to 50 # machine oil, regular inspection and refueling (usually 3 months). Not inject dirty or
corrosive lubricants contain.
5, fan inlet must be kept clear of obstructions can not have any fever Check motor.
6, equipment and operations supervised payable to prohibit free to change the parameters of the inverter.
7, cooling machine during use is strictly prohibited in the following work
Cooling machine water level is too low, is still in use
Cooling machine carcass has exceeded the number of allowed number of design
Pool filled carcass body spindle drive and then start fighting drive from poultry
When birds from fighting stopped, the spindle gear continues to work
Stop the fan for a long time to work
8, the temperature regularly check the motor at work, when the motor temperature is too high, please stop working check (hand on
Check the motor).
9, regular cleaning of cooling machine duct.
10, is prohibited in equipment operation, the operator enters the pre-cooling machine.
11, when the work is prohibited in the cooling machine pool mouth and put your hands on both sides of the end plate opening
pre-cooling machine.

12, the sides need large capacity cooling machine is equipped with operation and maintenance work platforms.

Screw chiller is widely used in Poultry processing line, water chilling unit. According to the final products requests to decide use water screw chilling, or can be combined water screw chilling with Air Chilling

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