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Lairage in abattoir or slaughterhouse

The cattle/cow, sheep, pig and other large animal abattoir design should includes the animal waiting / rest area. Connect providing lairage equipment for waiting area for animal relaxing, forwarding animals along with the road to slaughterhouse.

The waiting /rest area includes cattle/cow, sheep, pig… unloading platform, forwarding road, quarantine room, receiving fence, weighing room, healthy animal waiting lairage fence and the isolation room for suspected sick animals and living facilities.

The whole design is meet animal welfare and maximum relaxing them.

The waiting area should be enclosure structure who have shade to rain, ventilation or cold according to the climatic conditions.

The return yard should be set up in front of platform where animal unloading, and the animal unloading platform should be 0.9m to 1.2m above the ground of the return yard. Safety guardrails should be set up on the livestock driveway, and the ground slope of the livestock driveway should not be greater than 15.0%.

The area of the receiving area should be 1/10 of the area of the waiting area for healthy live animals, and there should be a dedicated passage for quarantine person and a quarantine room, a weighing room and an isolation room for hypochondriacal animals nearby. The fence should be around the weighbridge, and there should be drainage facilities in the weighbridge. Healthy live animals and suspected disease animals must be separated.

The capacity of healthy animals at waiting fence area should be two times of per shift capacity. Each cattle keeping area is about 3.5 -3.6 ㎡, each sheep keeping area is about 0.6-0.8 ㎡.

The isolation room for suspected sick animals should be set up according to the specific conditions of the local animal source, and its location should be close to the unloading platform, with disinfection facilities and separate exits. The stock of suspected sick animals in the isolation room should not be less than one head (only). The use area of the isolation room for suspected sick animals should not be less than 20 square meters.

The plane of the drive passage before the cow is stunned should be gradually narrowed in a curved shape, with sill walls on both sides, and small doors should be set on the sill walls.

A shower room for live animals to be slaughtered should be set up in the waiting room, and have cold-proof measures in shower room in severe cold and cold areas. The water temperature in show room keeps at temperature of 18℃~20℃.

The receiving bar, the driveway, and the waiting area for healthy live animals can be separated by sill walls or railings. The height of the sill wall or railing: the cattle fence should not be less than 1.4m, and the sheep fence should not be less than 0.8m. The surface of the sill wall should be smooth, watertight and corrosion-resistant, and a cattle tie-down facility should be installed on the upper part of the sill wall.

The floor of receiving bar, driveway, healthy live animal barn and suspected sick isolated room, waiting room is built with concrete, slopping ditch which slopping rate not less than 1.5%. There is water drinking supply and drainage system in waiting barn.

Lairage in abattoir or slaughterhouse
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