Meat processing

Meat processing

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Preduster ( Flouring machine ) SFJ600 - V

SFJ600-v preduster (flouring machine) is specially designed for coating food processing, it coats the bottom of the products by the layer of the flour on the conveyor belt, it coats the surface of the products by the unique belt pouring the flour evenly to the passing products on the belt. 

This can ensure the coating evenly, equally, and the coating quantity is controlled. 

Using the air flow system which is easily to connect to the preduster, it can collect the flour generated from the falling of the flour inside and recycle it, separate the air and the flour, suck the clean air onto the products to blow off the extra flour.

Preduster ( Flouring machine ) SFJ600 - V
Technical Parameter
 Model SFJ400 - V SFJ600 - V
 Speed of the belt3~15m/min (adjustable)3~15m/min (adjustable) 
 Input height1050±50mm1050±50mm 
 Output height1050±50mm1050±50mm
Power 2.93kW2.93kW
Belt Width 400mm 600mm
 Overall dimension2655×835×2150mm2655×1035×2150mm


 Applied material:


Meat : Poultry, beef, mutton, pork etc.

Seafood: fish, shrimp, scallop

Vegetable: Pumpkin and potato, cheese and their mixer.

The end products include the very popular hamburger, chicken nuggets, chicken or beef steak, pumpkin patty etc. It regularly becomes the most ideal choice for the middle or big scale factory.


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