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Meat processing

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Pneumatic height adjustable platform

Pneumatic height adjustable platform

The platform working in cattle abattoir including height fixed platform and height adjustable platform. The height adjustable platform can be used in cattle de-hiding station, cattle splitting station,carcass inspection station. Connect height adjustable platform is working with pneumatic power.

The system including following contracture:

l The main frame body;

l One elevating device including platform;

l The four air cylinders which connected with platform. The one side of cylinders connect with up frame body, another side connected with platform;

l There are four wheels at bottom of frame;

l There is a foot step controller for TURN/ON, and the step controller is connect with motor and elevating system;

l There is guardrail for platform;

l The platform and guardrail material are stainless steel ;

l Including one set hand wash basin and tools disinfector which is electric heated ;

l The platform frame material is stainless steel 304 square pipe which size is 80*80*2mm and 50*50*2mm ;

l The guardrail height is 0.5-1 meter, material is stainless steel 304 rod which size is Φ32*1.5mm ;

l The cylinder brand is Germany “FESTO” or Japanese “SMC”;

l Platform size: 1700 * 1150 mm ;

l Elevating height: from 400mm to 2800 mm ;

Pneumatic height adjustable platform

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