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belt weighing and grading machine

 CONNECT belt weighing and grading has four parts: Conveying Belt Conveyor, Weighing Belt Conveyor, Grading Belt Conveyor and Electric Control Cabinet.

The Conveying Belt Conveyor conveys the poultry carcasses, Weighing Belt Conveyor complete the weighing function and transmit the data to the touch screen for the data processing and storage. The Electric Control Cabinet control all the conveyors and transmit the data as well as manage the procedures.

Technical characteristics:

1. High-precision automatic check weighing scale, high weighing accuracy,speed and display is accurate and reliable. Low failure rate, accuracy is + /-1g (theoretical value)

2.  It is pneumatic work, fault less, reduce pollution during grading.

3.  It is fast work, the speed max. Is reach to 150pcs/Sec. , which is 9000pcs/H

4. Touch operating panel, operation is simple and convenient.

5. The material input speed can be adjusted continuously through variable transmission.

6. The whole machine is made of stainless steel 304, IP65 protection, health, and easy to clean.

belt weighing and grading machine


Totally 8-12 grades

The collecting tank width is 420mm

Volume of tank is 5kg

The pression of weighing is 5~±10 g

The weighing products size: 250mm X 400mm X300mm

Power is :1500w

Class of protection is IP65

With chicken receiving stations at both sides of belt



 Accurate grading.

 Improve product integrated value-added

Improve the utilization of raw material

Labor-saving. One worker operate, which reduce the chance of human contact products, to meet food safety requirements.

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