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Automatic poultry weight sorting machine

According to the different working poultry processing plant demension, especially for the slaughterhouse who have chicken cut-up products, the intelligent automatic birds weight sorting machine is required for high working speed. 

CONNECT Automatic offline weight grading system have two types, one is plastic tray weight sorting machine, another is belt weight sorting machine.

CONNECT plastic tray weight grading machine have three optional sizes are working for different type of products, which are small, medium, and large plastic tray. 

The system is suibtable for chicken and duck cut-up products such as drumsticks, wings, breast and paws. also working for abalone, sea cucumber and other sea food products. 

The system is working with high precision, and high working speed. 

The Optional functions: 

Auotmatic cumulative weighing

Automatic cumulative feeding device

Data acquisition system 

The system equipped with Germany HBM weighing sensor which has high precision and small error.

The whole system is fast production, saving labors and redcuing production costs. 

The engine is SS 304, which are according to the food production standard. 

PLC and touch screen control system.

The sorting range can be set directly by touch screen. It is easy to operate and simple. 

Automatic poultry weight sorting machine
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