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mechnical counter

CONNECCT designed high speed, high accurate poultry processing online bird counter. The precise control system is integrated chip, with the features of working stable, clear display, precise counter,with the long memorize when the electricity cut, easy installation, simple operation, water proof, suitable use in hard conditions. The CONNECT COUNTER use CPU chip intelligent analysis and processing, which effectively solve the problem of shackles and line swing and products size different in slaughterhouse, the counting is effective guarantee of accurate. It is suitable for large-scale automated slaughterhouse for poultry and animals.


♦High precise counting result, which solved the problem of conveyor line swing during working.

♦The sensor is water,humidity proof, suitable for kinds of mist conditions.

♦Easy installation, simple operation, no need test

♦With high quality sensor, high intelligent analysis, guarantee accurate in counting

♦With double window display show, show the single and total amount;high lights LED digital screen show, directly and clear

♦ Can connected to sound or light alarm system, which alarm when the fixed data reach

♦ Reset button, control on displace screen or remote control

♦Wireless controlling, can be controlled by wireless which can reset to 0, start, or stop

♦Password control: the workers can manage the admin password, when put the password can set the parameter,amount, and set to 0

♦ The screen data can connected to extral large screen

♦ Manage software: The software can put products model, shift data, manger, the data can be loaded to computer, The data can be printed as reported.

mechnical counter
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