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Automatic poultry weight grading machine

 The plastic tray weight grading system is like belt weight grading system is widely used in poultry processing plant for automatic sorting the chicken. 

CONNECT plastic tray have three optional size working for different type of products, which are small, medium, and large plastic tray. 

The system is suibtable for chicken and duck cut-up products such as drumsticks, wings, breast and paws. also working for abalone, sea cucumber and other sea food products. 

According to the working processing, the optional conveying system can be provided to keep continuous and smooth working. 


Qauatic industry: Sea cucumber, abalone, shrimp, all kinds of fish products, fish slices, tec

Poultry industry: Chicken wings, chicken legs, chicken breast, white chicken, duck, and other fresh frozen products are possible. 

Machine features

1. Intelligent inspection, re-sorting and supporting automatic feeding equipment, can greatly imporve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity

2. Waterproof structure , easy to clean.

3. Stable and reliable weighting amodule and control system.

4. Number of sorting grades: 3-21 weight grades. 

Automatic poultry weight grading machine

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