Meat processing

Meat processing

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Cattle leading Machine

The cattle leading machine

This is the traction equipment for driving live cattle. The cattle driving machine is widely used in animal slaughtering industry. The use of this slaughtering equipment greatly reduces the labor intensity of the staff and doubles the production efficiency. The equipment has the advantages of simple structure, stable operation, convenient operation and easy maintenance. The slaughtering equipment is used to smoothly pull live cattle ,or large animals into the stunning machine, which is easy to operate and reduces labor intensity.


The machine is mainly composed of tensioning device, cowl hook, frame, conveyor chain and driving device. The electrical control system is used to adjust the transmission speed to suit different shifts and to adapt to the proficiency of the operator. The length of the machine can be adjusted according to the process requirements, processing area and production volume.

This leading machine used in live cattle stunning box section: including following part:

* Stepping model conveyor;

* The conveyor is in vertical shape;

* The driving motor power : 3kw

* The closed rail;

* Working with plate driving chain, walking wheel material is cast iron;

* The rail material stainless steel 304 pipe which size is Φ60 * 4 mm, the rail hanging rack is hot galvanized steel.

* Other parts of conveyor are hot galvanzied.

Cattle leading Machine
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