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industry food mental detector

Technical parameters:

1. Inspection window height: 10cm-35cm, can be customized according to customer products

2. Detection window width: 30cm-60cm, can be customized according to customers' products

3. Body material: Made of 304 food grade stainless steel

4. Sensitivity: Freely adjustable, touch up and down key adjustment, divided into ten gears, the larger the number, the higher the accuracy

5. Conveyor belt: White food grade PU conveyor belt, wear-resistant, high temperature resistant

6. Power supply: 220V 50Hz

7. Power: 120W

8. Alarm mode: Audible and visual alarm, and automatic return, or shutdown

9. Overall dimension: L 1600 * W 1000 * H 1000 mm, customizable, general machine length not > 1600 mm

10. Weight: 150kg

Device configuration:

1. Computer board: The microcomputer adopts RISC high-performance chip of the United States, with strong data calculation ability to ensure high sensitivity and high anti-interference ability.

2. Probe: Adopt metal sensors from Japan and Europe and America industries, with receiving efficiency of 100%.

3. Conveyor belt: Imported PU polyurethane vinegar white food grade conveyor belt, antistatic, high temperature resistant, easy to clean.

4. Shockproof pad: Shockproof pad shall be installed at the connection of probe and frame to make the probe more stable and more earthquake resistant.

5. Foot: Lift type 304 stainless steel foot, adjustable up and down to 100mm height, easy to connect the assembly line.

6. Caster: Nylon epoxy band brake caster, safe and wear-resistant, time-saving and labor-saving when replacing.

7. Frame: All laser cutting, the whole machine is clean and mellow, without burr, making the operation safer.

8. Bedplate: Thickened epoxy bedplate, strong bearing capacity, not easy to deform, long service life.

9. Roller: Processed by precision lathe, stable center of gravity, epoxy material, anti-static and more environmentally friendly.

industry food mental detector

Brand of main accessories





Frequency Converter






Photoelectric sensor and proximity sensor



Circuit breaker, air switch



Touch screen




SEW waterproof motor


Conveyor belt

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