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Automatic belt weight grading machine

According to the different working poultry processing plant demension, especially for the slaughterhouse who have chicken cut-up products, the intelligent automatic birds weight sorting machine is required for high working speed. 

CONNECT Automatic offline weight grading system have two types, one is plastic tray weight sorting machine, another is belt weight sorting machine.


This intelligent belt weight grading system is suitable for poultry products like whole chickens, whole duck, chicken breast, wings, legs, chicken paws, etc. 

The main functions of the sorting scale:

Report function: built-in report statistics, reports can be generated in EXCEL format, can automatically generate a variety of real-time data reports, U disk can store statistical data for 1 year, and maintain production status at any time;

Interface function: reserved standard interface, data management, can communicate and network with PC and other smart devices;

Realize centralized control: can realize centralized control of multiple checkweighers by one computer/man-machine interface;

Parameter recovery function: Provide factory parameter setting recovery function;

Machine features

1. Waterproof moisture-proof and anit- condensation structure design. Operate well in high humidity and harsh environment, easy cleaning. 

2. 100 sets of product paratmeters seting and stored, and can be freely switched according to th using requirements. 

3. High precision weighing module and stable control system

4. Flapper rejector sorting: 3 million life testing

5. Quaniity of sorting grades : no limit. 

6. Weighing data output: USB interface, wireless data transmission, local area network station management platform, cloud platform. 

7. PLC-HIMI man-machine interface operation, level setting is simple. The height is adjustable according to opetation and products.

8. Efficient substituation of manual sorting to improve production efficiency and benefits. 


Automatic belt weight grading machine

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