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Time: 2022-12-31 Source: 本站 Author: 康鼎 Click: 232 times

When the rabbit flies, time flies.

The river of time is running fast, and before you know it, the 2022 progress bar has reached the end. Standing at this moment, against the long river of time, looking back on the 2022,365 morning and night rotation, through the summer heat, through the winter cold, CONNECT GROUP with you to witness numerous touching, passionate, moving events.


The side of the sunken boat thousands of sails, the sick tree in front of the spring.

We are small, we are great. We can't resist the power of time, in 2023 really comes, is pushed forward. But our memories can be kept alive in the wear and tear of time. So don't be afraid to say goodbye. Look forward to reunions and encounters. The past has become a memory, the reality is under foot, hope is still in the future.

The New Year is coming, may your future be pure and clear, like your lovely eyes at the moment, in the track of time, may your destiny be happy.

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