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AGRENA 2022 International Exhibition for the Management & Production of Poultry, Livestock & Fish

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The 22th  Agrenal international exhibition for management & Production of poultry, livestock & fish is about to start in 3 days. 

CONNECT GROUP as the professional poultry project supplier, provider, and poultry equipment producer, will attend this exhibition. Welcome clients visit us at our booth there.

Our professional equipment including:

Poultry processing equipment (slaughtering equipment for both poultry and animals) and rendering equipment; poultry houses equipment which including broiler floor and cage system, broiler breeder floor and layer breeder cage sysytem;Feed mill and hatchery equipment. 

CONNECT GROUP booth number:   A2 ,HALL 1,

We are looking forward to meet you at Agrena 13-15 October 2022

[22th Agrena]

International Exhibition for the Management & Production of Poultry, Livestock & Fish

AGRENA has stood the test of time to register itself as the Middle Eastern region’s largest & mostprestigious Poultry, Livestock & Fish Show. It targets the flourishing Poultry, Livestock& Fish industry in one of the biggest markets for Poultry, Livestock& Fish products in the Middle East, with an emphasis on giving the possible opportunities to broaden your horizons & to see the latest technology, products and services.


AGRENA is held annually and lasts for three days. After the success of previous editions, AGREAN has become the broadest, most prestigious and influential poultry and livestock fair in the Middle East and North Africa. AGRENA 2022 will be held October 13-15 at the Cairo International Conference Center. It is targeting the burgeoning poultry and livestock industry in the Middle East and Africa region with a comprehensive and multi-faceted focus to expand the business scope of its customers and access to the most advanced technology and quality services. Looking back at AGRENA 2021, the total exhibition area includes 26,000 square meters indoors and 2,400 square meters open air. 2022 promises new breakthroughs. This is an assessment of the exhibitors' satisfaction with the quality of hosting and the 2021 show. And the increase in the number of visitors from Egypt and other countries also proves that the Egyptian livestock show is a great opportunity for new trade

Egypt Market Overview:

Livestock production in Egypt is inextricably linked to agricultural production. There are no separate natural pastures in Egypt, and livestock husbandry relies mainly on private pastures, especially small-scale agricultural producers, who are the main force in the production of Egypt's animal resources. Since the early 1980s, livestock production in Egypt has increased by about 177 per cent, with red meat production increasing from 315,000 tonnes to 795,000 tonnes in 2006/07, and poultry production reaching 5.7 million tonnes in the same year. Poultry meat production increased 206 per cent during this period, from an initial 315,000 tonnes to 990,000 tonnes in 2005/2006, and egg production reached 334,000 tonnes. Egypt has been particularly affected by bird flu as it is a route for migratory birds from Europe and Siberia to Africa. Egypt is rich in natural resources and fish. The Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, lakes, the Nile, canals, etc., are natural sources of fish production. In addition, the state increased efforts to develop a number of fish culture projects, the establishment of many fish ponds, the total area of 1613 million fedan.

Khushi Issa Economic Development Zone is located in the province of Buhela, 130 kilometers northwest of the Egyptian capital Cairo. It is a typical Nile Delta agricultural province, with more than eight of its five million inhabitants becoming rural, and its mainstay industries are agriculture and livestock farming. The third plant established by New Hope in Egypt, and also the first professional ruminant (cattle feed) plant in Egypt, with an investment of more than 100 million yuan, was put into operation in October 2017. Egypt's cattle farming and feed industries are relatively mature. With the development of recent years, the momentum of Chinese investment in Egypt and the development of agriculture is increasingly strong. The Belt and Road Initiative has also given the Egyptian market a shot in the arm. Also brought correspondingly the import of feed machinery and meat processing industry.

Contents of Exhibits:

Animal husbandry, poultry, aquaculture technology and equipment

Applied technology in the field of reproduction

Veterinary medicine, fishery medicine products and processing equipment

Premix, anti-methicillin, disinfectant, vitamins, vaccine products

Feed additive technology and feed machinery processing equipment, feed storage equipment, feed manual drying technology

Scientific research and development of veterinary pharmaceutical products

Barn ventilation, cooling, heating, feeding and drinking systems

Hatchery, hatchery laboratory, hatching machinery

Grain storage, environmental pollution control technology

Complete poultry, Turkey, ostrich slaughter line

Livestock breeding technology and equipment

Construction and equipment of livestock farms

Livestock meat products aquatic products

Service related technical seminar on poultry and livestock production

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