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CFIA 2022

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Exhibition Introduction:

The 2022 French Food Processing Exhibition CFIA is held by GL EVENTS EXHIBITIONS. The holding period is: once a year. This exhibition will be held on March 8, 2022. The venue will be France-Rennes-Rennes Airport Exhibition Park, Rennes airport. , The exhibition is expected to have an exhibition area of 22,354 square meters, 22,731 visitors, and 1,600 exhibitors and participating brands.

The French Food Processing Exhibition CFIA is a well-known trade event where food processing companies and suppliers gather.

Dedicated to packaging, transportation and food processing, the exhibitors of this exhibition mainly come from the four major areas of food machinery and equipment, packaging, labeling and logistics.

The three-day exhibition will bring together more than 1,600 industry companies of different sizes, providing visitors with opportunities to meet and discuss with industry experts, and also provide a business platform for top manufacturing-related companies, including sales and employment opportunities.

Range of exhibition:

Food processing: food processing technology, food packaging technology, beverage technology, packaging materials, labeling, automation, data processing, open and closed loop control technology, food safety, quality management, operating materials, environmental protection technology, biotechnology, refrigeration and air conditioning technology , Conveying, transportation and storage facilities, ingredients and additives, parts, components, surface technology, service companies, associations, publishers

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